Alzafar Shrine Temple Beer Stein



Here's a terrific Marzi & Remy Masonic stein in pristine condition. On the front of the tankard is the sword and emblem with the word "Alzafar." On the sides are what look like Bavarian homes. The tankard is marked on the bottom with the Marzi & Remy emblem (M over the R) and numbered 3004, 10, and although it's hard to see the number 15 is incised. The background of the picture scene is dark bluish-black in color. The tankard measures 7 inches tall and its 2 5/8 inches in diameter at the top and 3 5/8 inches in diameter at the bottom.  The handle is made to look like a tree branch with leaves on it. There are also four gold bands that go around the tankard.




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