Humorous Shrine Ceremonial Posters 

from Aleppo Shrine Temple in Boston. MA

These posters were made to advertise Shrine Ceremonials at Aleppo Temple in Boston, Mass. circa early 1900's. If you study them closely you will find they are absolutely hilarious!  Nowhere else will a non-Mason get a better picture of the hazing or "Crossing the Hot Sands" so to speak that goes on at a Shrine Ceremonial where initiations are performed! The posters show the candidates in various forms of being hazed; some are being hung, some are being used as target practice, some are thrown off the roof, some are chased with a burning stake.  One candidate is naked tied to a chair with a Shriner starting a fire underneath him.  Some are being dragged through the streets, some are falling on stakes, one is being ridden like a goat.  The many scenes are quite a hoot!  A real amusement piece for any Masonic collector.

A special "Thank You" to Noble Brother John Kemp for sharing his posters with our museum!







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