1903 Historical Photo Album 

of LuLu Shrine Temple in Philadelphia

The New LuLu Temple Dedicated in 1904

Auditorium of the New Temple in 1904

The First LuLu Temple 1894-1903

Noble Daniel E. Hughes, Illustrious Past Potentate Philadelphia

Noble Joseph S. Wright, Illustrious Past Potentate Philadelphia

Noble Philip C. Shaffer, Illustrious Past Imperial Potentate Philadelphia

Noble Francis H. Hemperley, Illustrious Past Potentate Philadelphia

Lu Lu

This wonderful photo album is absolutely amazing!  It was three years in the making and pictures every Noble who was a member of LuLu Shrine Temple in Philadelphia.  It describes their formation in 1894 and lists their annual reports and election of officers thru 1904.  It describes their many visits to other Temples and to the Imperial Council Sessions hosted in far away cities.  They also sponsored their own baseball team and played against other teams organized by Kismet Temple of Brooklyn; Boumi Temple of Baltimore, and Almas Temple of Washington.  The LuLu Nine, as they were called, were recorded as winning a large percentage of the games played and they were proud of it too!  LuLu Temple was also considered one of the finest works of architecture in Philadelphia at the time and had a huge auditorium, dining rooms, smoking parlors, ladies' parlor, bowling alleys, library and more.  LuLu Temple also had a full Band under the direction of Dr. A.H. Thomas and a Temple Patrol unit the charge of Captain Louis D. Belair.  They also had a Temple Quartette very similar to what we think of today as a Barbershop Quartette.  But the real prize of LuLu Temple was LuLu herself, pictured above in all her finery!




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