1923 Shrine Plaque to Washington, D.C.




Here is an unusual cast metal wall plaque commemorating the 1923 Imperial Council Session in Washington, D.C.  It depicts a road weary Shriner seated next to his camel, also seated.  Each is wearing their Fez. They are seated in front of the Capital Building, which has a giant Fez on the dome. The phrase "I parked my camel with Uncle Sam'l" is in incuse letters around the top of the plaque. The scene is signed "Copyrighted 1923 A. H. Dondero."  The piece was cast by the Art Metal Works, and is so marked on a plaque applied on the reverse. It retains its original silvery finish. The condition is superb; all of the details are crisp. It has its original hanging device on the reverse as well.  It measures 5-5/8 inches in diameter.




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