1903 German Masonic Stein 

with a Man and Woman





This is a beautifully decorated beer stein dated 1903.  The decoration has a man and woman reaching out to hold hands, and a Masonic emblem (Square and Compasses) in a wreath below them.  The woman is holding flowers and the man is holding his hat and has a bag of tools hung over his shoulder.  There is also a small "R" at the base of the decoration, I am assuming an artists initial.  The bottom of the stein is stamped, Th. Schmid Porzellan and Glasmalerei Mollerstar. 44 Munchen.  It also has its size stamped near the handle (1/2 L.)  The lid is decorated on the top with a crown and the letters HB underneath.  Around this it reads, 44:Hauptverssammlung Des Vereins 1903, also, Deutscher Jngenieure Munchen.  The inside of the lid is stamped, Joh. Lindner Zinngiesserei Munchen (3 or 4 unreadable letters then) Str. 11.  It measures 6 1/4" to the top of the thumb-rest.




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