Multi-colored Sunderland Lustre Pitcher


This Sunderland Lustre Pitcher is unusual in that it has black transfers that are multi-color painted by hand.  Sunderland Lustre Pitchers are the most beautiful of all English pottery!   They were made for export and sold to Lodges as water pitchers.  This one has a couple of Masonic poems:  "The world is in pain, our secrets to gain, But still let them wonder and gaze on, They ne'er (never) can divine, The word nor the sign, Of a Free 'an Accepted Mason."   It measures 8 1/8 inches tall and 5 1/4 inches in diameter at the base.  Estimated auction value on a pitcher in nice condition is $1,000.+

A special "Thanks" to Brother Al Lohman, a 30 year collector and 30+ year Masonic Lodge member from Wisconsin for submitting the pictures of this beautiful pitcher.  Al trades on eBay under the User ID  "lochlohman"




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