Multicolored Masonic 

Sunderland Lustre Pitcher


Here is a very large mid 19th century Sunderland Lustre Pitcher decorated with three polychrome transfers. The style of decoration of the oval panels with borders of burnt amber, surrounded by green diagonal dashes, suggests that it's from a Tyneside pottery.  Within one cartouche is a sailor drinking to his girl. The saying reads: "I'll drink to the Girl that I love dearly."  Under the spout is the Mason's Arms. The third transfer has all the Masonic symbols, the beehive, sun, moon, etc., and reads: "The world's a city with many a crooked street, And death's a market place were all men meet: If life was merchandise which men could buy, The rich would live, the poor alone would die."  It stands 9 3/4 inches tall by 11 inches wide from spout to handle. 




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