1893 Syria Temple Glasses - Cincinnati

Each year Syria Temple produced a glass (in this case two) to commemorate the Imperial Shrine Session that they were to attend.  These glasses were sold and traded much like today's baseball cards and pins and were the most sought after collectibles at these conventions.  Syria Temple commissioned Westmoreland Glass Co. to produce a different glass each year with a "theme" suited to the city that they were visiting.  The year these glasses were made, 1893, the Imperial Council Session was held in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on June 13th.  The smaller cup stands 2  inches tall and 1 3/4 inches in diameter at the base and 3 inches in diameter at the top.  These early Syria Temple glasses are rare due to their extremely delicate condition.   These are hand-blown thin-walled glasses and not the thicker molded glasses that were made in later years.  They were also not made in the same quantities.  




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