The Warriors and The Bankers

by Alan Butler & Stephen Dafoe

' In The Warriors and the Bankers, the research and writing team of Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe bring their combined experiences to bear on the question asked for hundreds of years, What became of the Knights Templar? Arrested in 1307, dissolved in 1312 and executed by 1314, the Templars have been the subject of many theories concerning their possible survival. This book examines these theories against new evidence and information. Additionally the authors put forth, for the first time, a completely NEW theory that has caught the ears, eyes and attention of many readers.

The ultimate conclusion is that the Templars did survive, virtually intact and that in a very direct sense, they may still be one of the most potent forces at work in the world at the start of the new Millennium. The Warriors and the Bankers is eminently readable and is intended for both the serious student of Templarism or simply the interested observer.


Frank Karwowski Commander of St.George's #37 Schenectady, NY
"I just finished your book The Warriors and The Bankers. What an intriguing concept about the formation of Switzerland. After reading this, I must say that I agree with your conclusion, it makes perfect sense as to where and how they escaped from Le Bel."

Tracy R. Twyman Editor Dagobert's Revenge Magazine
" This most recent piece of galvanic scholarship cuts through the muck of cloudy suppositions to reveal an entirely new way of looking at a most mysterious and influential fraternal order. Got a handkerchief? Keep it handy. You'll need it to wipe up the bits of your preconceived notions, which will be thoroughly blown apart."

 DSK Magazine's Book of the Month!, April 23, 2001

After reading 'The Warriors and the Bankers' by Mr. Dafoe and Mr. Butler, and talking via internet with Mr. Dafoe himself, I must say that their research is professionally put together and scientifically placed. While generally not fully provable (how many Templar theories are???), this book definitely 'hits the nail on the head' as to a possible path of Templar development after the infamous Friday the 13th arrests. This book is a must read for any student of Templar History, Freemason, or general historical mystery lover!

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