U.S.S. Constitution by Sebastian Miniatures

The U.S.S. Constitution under full sail. One of a limited edition designed by Woody Baston for the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Number 315/350 signed by the artist.   A lovely piece with great detail - Woody claims it was one of his more ambitious efforts.  It's hard to find these pieces as they were made for members of the Masonic Fraternity only.  For more information on this piece (SML-718), other Masonic items as well as Sebastian collectibles in general, refer to the Sebastian collectors web site at www.sebastianworld.com

History of the U.S.S. Constitution

    On March 27, 1794, Congress voted to authorize the construction of six frigates for the United States Navy.  The most famous of these was the U. S. S. Constitution, nicknamed "Old Ironsides" by her crew in 1912.  The keel was laid in 1794 in Edmond Hart's shipyard in Boston.  She was launched on October 21, 1797.
     She put to sea on July 22nd, 1798 on a cruise to the West Indies to protect American shipping from French privateers.  It was much later, in the war of 1812, that she earned her famous nickname. During the battle between the Constitution and the HMS Guierriere, on of the crewmen saw the British shot bouncing off her sides and shouted "Huzzah!  Her sides are made of iron."  The Guerriere was so badly damaged that it sank while the crew of the Constitution had only 14 casualties.  This the first of over 40 battles that the Constitution won, never losing any.
     Constitution's  connection with Freemasonry started very early; her first Commander, Samuel Nicholson, was a member of Lodge #17, Queenstown, MD.  One of her better known Commanders - Edward Preble was a member of Ancient Landmark Lodge #17 of Portland, Maine.  her greatest contribution to Freemasonry came on March 17th, 1926, when the Major General Henry Knox lodge was constituted on the gun deck.  This is the only Lodge in the world ever to be instituted on an active ship of war.




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