Sterling Silver Spoon from the 

Masonic Temple in Wichita, Kansas  


Here is a beautiful sterling silver and enameled spoon found by its owner in an antique shop in 1989. The bowl is inscribed: "Masonic Temple, Wichita, Kans" with a wonderful etching of their temple in high relief. The handle reflects the many appendant bodies that meet there including the Scottish Rite with its double headed eagle -- its 33rd degree crown in red enamel but a 32nd degree emblem on its breastplate; three York Rite emblems, to wit: the black enameled Commandery emblem with its Latin motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces", the white enameled Chapter Keystone with the letters "K,S,H,T,W,S,S,T" and the Council All-Seeing Eye in a Triangle.  The Blue Lodge Square and Compasses is in blue enamel, a Star of David (known in Masonry as "King Solomon's Seal"), a silver trowel, and a level with very small 24 inch gauge and common gavel behind it. The rear handle (top to bottom) depicts a Lodge room and includes an All-Seeing Eye, the Sun, Moon, and 7 Stars (representing the seven liberal arts and sciences), the two Pillars of Boaz and Jachin, the hourglass (a reminder of our mortality), the blue lodge Square and Compasses again, and an altar with three burning tapers (also known as the three lesser lights), and finally an armed Knight Templar with the letters "SK" (Sir Knight) on his shield. The only manufacturer mark on this piece is the word "Sterling" below the knight. This is certain a wonderful spoon with more emblems and enameling on one piece than usual.

A special "Thanks" to Worshipful Brother Marc Williams of Aurora Lodge No. 15 in Anchorage, Alaska.  Brother Marc is a Masonic collector and trades on eBay under the name "akraven1" and on Yahoo as "Alaska Raven". 




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