Bronze Masonic Plaque with 

Scottish and York Rite Symbolism

 This Bronze Masonic plaque (measuring 20.5 x 17.5 inches - mounted on oak) was designed and created by Wor. Bro. Harvey L. Shoemaker of Twin City Lodge No. 509, G.R.C., Waterloo, Ontario.

The original wood carving took over a year to complete. Six copies were then cast in bronze and one in brass using a sand casting. All of these skills were learned during the process.

As you can observe, the central feature of the plaque is the V.O.S.T.L. flanked by two pillars with a third behind it.  All of the working tools of all three degrees, the mosaic pavement, the winding stairs and all of the symbols of York and Scottish Rite can be found on the plaque. It is a tribute to both his talents and commitment as a Mason that lead this Wor. Bro. to create such a lasting testimonial to the symbols of Freemasonry.

A special "Thanks" to V. Wor. Bro. Bruce Miller of Twin City Lodge No. 509 for submitting the picture and description of this wonderful bronze plaque.




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