Antique Masonic/Fraternal Occupational Shaving Mug


This antique shaving mug once belonged to W. J. Cutting. I know what you're thinking, that this is not a Masonic mug, but actually from the Jr.O.U.A.M. In truth, both fraternal symbols are depicted. If you look closely, you will see that the hand painted compasses & square symbols on the front is actually two separate symbols. At the top, in between the gentleman's name, is the classic, “Masonic Compass & Square” with a gold G and Seeing Eye in the middle. Below that is an American Shield with the Compass & Square of a separate fraternal organization called, "Junior Order of United American Mechanics." This gentleman must have been a member of both fraternal organizations, which were not connected in any way. The 3 1/8” in diameter by 3 ½” tall mug is in perfect condition with only some wear to the gold gilded edges.




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