Vintage South American Goard

with Masonic Symbolism

We received a positive ID on the above gourd from an a-mail sent in below:

"This gourd was carved in a village (san Jeromino) outside of Huancayo, dept of Junin, in the central Andes of Peru. I suppose it was made for tourists, but both the musical instruments and the dance costumes depicted are quite faithful to the local customs, at least as they were still practiced when I lived there in the late 1970s. I hope this helps.  Sincerely, Andrea Aranow"

  It has a rich patina that only age can bring. The subject matter is interesting also. It shows figures dancing and playing musical instruments. The instruments are very unusual, harps, pipes and stringed instruments. This might have been a musical instrument as well because when you shake it you can hear the dry seeds inside.  I doubt that it was ever used for that because there is no wear on the stem end that would serve as a handle.  In between these figures are the square and compasses.  It measures 10" in length.




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