Brass Masonic Plaques

Measures 4 3/4"h x 4 1/8"w.

This mount, is awesome! The motif seems English, Grecian and a bit Moorish? The base, is a Moorish, textured floor. T are two Ionic columns with globes atop. These are enrobed in a thick, tasseled curtain. Atop the curtain is a crown (looks English).... Beneath the crown are the iconic Masonic symbols. Crossed compass and square (a G hangs of the square). Beneath this vignette, is a mission Era stepped podium, with an open book atop. The podium has a triangle with rays emanating. This is solid cast brass, not two-dimensional rolled brass plate.  Measures 4 1/2" x 4" weight 9 ounces.





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