Gen. Claire Lee Chennault

"Flying Tigers" Masonic First Day Cover

Claire L. Chennault - Air Force Major General famous for his "Flying Tigers" in WWII.  Born September 6, 1890 at Commerce, Texas.  Commissioned 1st Lieutenant of Infantry in 1917 and transferred to aviation section of the Signal Corps.  Retired from the Army in 1937 to become advisor to Chiang Kai-shek until 1941 when he was recalled to active duty and promoted to brigadier general in 1942.  He activated the 14th Air Force and commanded it from 1943-45.  He was made a major general in 1943 and retired again in 1945 to organize the CNRRA Air Transport, now called Civil Air Transport, of which he became president in 1948.  Bro, Chennault writes "You will note that my Masonic affiliations are widely scattered--Texas to China to California.  This is particularly unfortunate since I now divide my time between Louisiana and Formosa--(now Taiwan)--Free China."  Member of League City Lodge No. 1066, League City, Texas, 32 A.A.S.R. Orient of China at Shanghi (in exile) and a Noble of Islam Shrine Temple, San Francisco, California.  He died July 27, 1958.

Greetings Brother Curator:

My grandfather, AA Hawkes, was an Air Corps Supply officer who served  with the 14th Air Force, 68th Air Service Group in China.  In addition to being a Scottish RIte Freemason back home in RIchmond,  VA, he also belonged to a Masonic organization in China (see the above membership card) which was signed and presided over by General Claire Chennault.  I have attached a scan of his membership card which might be of interest to your visitors.    Sincerely, Frank Marshall, South Riding, VA.




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