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 Odd Fellow Folding Cup

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This is one of the oldest and most venerable Masonic items we've seen, a 19th Century Civil War Era circa 1860's collapsible folding travel cup in it's original tin case- The cup itself is made of silverplated white metal, the lidded tole tin has the remains of the original asphaultum finish- the cup is 3 1/4 in. tall when open- on one side of the rim is engraved "Charles Ottinger" with feathered embellishment, and on the other side are the Masonic and Odd Fellows emblems, the Masonic Square and Compasses being about 5/8 in. high.  This cup was obviously used and carried... there are dings and dents in the rim with wear to the cup and the tin that contains it, regardless of its condition this is a very nice early Fraternal item.




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