200th Anniversary Apron of

Concordia Lodge No. 67 F. & A.M.

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This beautiful white leather apron is a re-creation of an original Lodge Apron from 1795 of Concordia Lodge No. 67 F. & A.M. of Pennsylvania.  The print on the front of this special 200th Anniversary Apron was made from the original hand-carved wooden block that was used to make their very first Lodge Aprons.  One of these Anniversary Aprons and the History of the Lodge was presented to each member at their 200th Anniversary Dinner.  This apron was presented to Worshipful Brother Laurent "Larry" Sherwood and he in turn donated it to our museum to display with other Concordia Lodge No. 67 memorabilia.  It measures 13 3/4 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

A special "Thanks" to Brother Larry Sherwood for donating this beautiful Apron to our museum.  Thanks Wor. Bro. Larry!

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