Masonic Cube FOB




This symbol is called by the French Masons, pierre cubique, and by the German, cubik stein.  It is the Perfect Ashlar of the English and American systems.  What is a cubit measure?  In ancient times, the length equaled the length of the arm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.  It was customary for the Master of the work to use the length of his own arm as a standard.  Roman cubits were about 17 2/5 inches; that of the Hebrews 22 inches, but its length is now generally stated as 18 American inches.  The cube is marked 'D & Co. Rd 592405'  It is gold with gilded silver pyramids on the inside.  It measures 1/2 inch cubed and when opened 1 and 3/8ths by 1 and 7/8ths long.

A special "Thanks" to Brother Chris Nicholson of Lennox Lodge No. 123 (established in 1763-the oldest Lodge in the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings, United Grand Lodge of England), for sharing these pictures of the above cube fob from his personal collection.




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