DeMolay Award and Honor Keys


Zerubbabel Key

This key is given to the advisor that is responsible for opening a new or reopening a closed DeMolay Chapter.


The Blue Honor Key
The Blue Honor Key is given to a member who is the first line signer on 10 petitions.  If a member obtains 10 more members a star is added to the key.


The Advisor Honor Key
This award is given to the advisor who has helped the chapter the most in the past year. There is a number of items that must be obtained to receive this award. All the yearly registration, a certain amount of new members and observance of certain events must be done by the chapter to obtain this award. 

Baseball Award

In Southern California in the early 70's the DeMolay Softball Champions would receive these medals to wear at the bottom of their merit bar pin.

Guild of the Leather Apron

(Advisor of the Year)

The Advisor of the Year honor is designed to give singular recognition to a DeMolay Advisor who in

the past year has made outstanding contributions to the growth and success of the Order. The Advisor

is one who should exemplify the ideals and precepts of the Order of DeMolay in his daily life as well

as in his work with the young men in DeMolay.  Selection of the Advisor of the Year is at the discretion

of the Executive Officer of each jurisdiction.




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