Demolay Legion of Honor Jewel

The Legion of Honor was founded for the purpose of bringing together a select few out of the millions who have knelt at the altar of DeMolay. Legion of Honor recipients must have actively demonstrated outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor, whether it be a civic, professional, fraternal or spiritual arena. It consists of men who can be implicitly relied upon, as the years pass, to aid young men in carrying the ideals of DeMolay into every walk of life.

A Sr. Demolay may be created an ACTIVE legionnaire, if voted so by the Supreme Governing Body in Annual Session. A Master Mason, (Who was NOT a DeMolay but has worked hard for the Order,) may be created an HONORARY legionnaire, in the same manner. an ACTIVE legionnaire would wear a RED cordon, and the HONORARY member would wear a WHITE cordon. The Cross medallion in usually a blue enameled model however there have been some awarded  without any enamel at all, just the plain gold colored cross. The rings are similar, but the enameled maltese cross is again red for ACTIVE  and   white for HONORARY.  In an earlier time, Honorary members wore only a pocket jewel consisting of the blue florentine cross, as above , hung on a white ribbon which was suspended from a gold colored header bar bearing 9 raised stars.

The Legion's mission is to consecrate the hearts and minds of its members to an unfaltering belief of God, support of the public schools, and defense of the rights of all.

A DeMolay legionnaire can be of great assistance to the Order. His leadership is needed to guide the young men of today who are learning those teachings that have helped guide his life. One man alone may falter, but, united, legionnaires can expand and extend their abilities, interests and leadership, building a foundation of service and accepting the responsibilities and tradition.

The Active Legion is given to Senior DeMolays. (blue)

The Honorary Legion is awarded to Master Masons who are not Senior DeMolays. (White)

 Its presentation is accompanied by a certificate like the one shown below for an Active Legionaire.

DemolayLegionofHonorCertificate1.jpg (23438 bytes)

Active Legion of Honor winners are also entitled to wear the Ring seen below.

DemolayLegionofHonorRing1.jpg (34251 bytes)

DemolayLegionofHonorRing2.jpg (28019 bytes)

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