Royal Doulton Presentation Vase

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This is an unusual Doulton Vase, stoneware with a mottled buff/white background with three floral sprays around the neck painted in blue/green and cranberry.  The base has impressed markings which are very interesting--has the Royal Doulton Lion with no crown underneath him--impressed Made in England and numbers X8714 -8827--Which dates this 1927/29.  Initials LP- Lily Partington who was a senior assistant at Doulton at the end of the 19th Century and early 20th century, and what is most interesting an impressed stamp in a square box which reads -With the compliments of The Wor. Master & Brethren of the ERA Lodge No-1423, dated 17-2-34 which makes this a presentation piece.   The height is approx 9 inches and it is in perfect condition.




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