Early Masonic Pocket Knifes

masonicpocketknife1.jpg (13860 bytes)     Masonicpocketknife2.jpg (14797 bytes)

This early pocket knife carries the symbolism of Blue Lodge Masonry on one side (top pic) and York Rite Symbolism on the other.  The blades are not worn down from sharpening and the brass chain ring is still intact. Both pocket knifes are circa 1900.

Below is another version of this knife that was found in like new condition and still with its original box.

MasonicPocketKnifewGoldDec1.jpg (34342 bytes)

MasonicPocketKnifewGoldDec2.jpg (23987 bytes)     MasonicPocketKnifewGoldDec3.jpg (27390 bytes)




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