Bronze Square & Compasses 

Victorian Frame

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This Bronze Square and Compasses Picture Frame with the Letter "G" above the photo is early 19th century and measures 9 7/8 inches tall and 8 7/8 inches wide between the extended points of the compasses.   The picture of the good looking guy in the white jacket is the curator of the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library.  He is the one responsible for posting all of the pages at this website and having his portrait hang here is a small part of the corn, wine and oil that are the wages of having this responsibility.  I have been a collector of Masonic artifacts for almost 20 years and some of what you will see here in the museum is apart of my own personal collection.  The artifacts that our Masonic forefathers had the insight to create have inspired me to share with you the rich symbolism of our humble Craft and I am dedicated to preserving our traditions and heritage.  If you or a family member have a Masonic item of interest that you would like to donate or share pictures of please contact me David J. Lettelier at:





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