Ever-Ready Masonic Safety Razor


This nickel plated over brass safety razor and its beautiful carrying case was most-likely a Masonic presentation gift from an outgoing Worshipful Master to his Junior Officers and/or members of his Lodge.   It is common practice for Freemasons to give tokens or gifts to those Brethren who helped, aided and assisted the WM during his tenure in the East.  This safety razor is made by the Ever-Ready company.

We think that during the 20's and 30's the Ever-Ready company were doing runs of their production razors such as this for clubs, fraternities and sports teams in small batches, so I'd guess a local lodge had it commissioned, unfortunately there is no lodge name or number listed.

A special "Thank you" to Bro. David Connelly.Canberra, Australia, Lodge Capitol No.612 for submitting the pictures and text of this beautiful presentation piece!





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