1815 Circa Masonic Flask GIV-1 Blue Green

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This early blue-green glass flask was made by McKearins Marlboro St. Works of Keene, New Hampshire.  The obverse is decorated with Masonic Symbols including the pavement, arch and pillars containing the All-Seeing Eye, open Bible with the Square and Compasses, and radiant triangle enclosing the Letter "G".  To the left is the radiant sun, trowel, and skull and crossbones.   To the right is the moon, stars and Jacobs Ladder.  Beneath the pavement is the crossed level and plumb to the left, ad the beehive to the right.  The reverse is an American Eagle turned to the left with a shield of horizontal and vertical bars on its breast.   It holds three arrows in its left talon and the olive branch in its right.  The ribbon above the eagle is inscribed "E Pluribus Unum" and below is inscribed "JP" in the oval frame presumably for the glasshouse proprietor Justus Perry. This flask is listed in McKearin's as GIV-1. These were made from a heavy lead glass, and are absolutely stunning examples of early American glass.  These flasks were blown into a two piece wooden mold and the glass rod was broken off on the bottom leaving a rough pontal.  This one stands 7 1/2 inches high and due to their age are extremely hard to find.  The last one we saw sell on a popular on-line auction went for $500.+   (McKearin GIV-1).




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