Frank S. Land

Founder of The Order of DeMolay


Frank Sherman "Dad" Land

Founded the Order of De Molay.  Mr. Land was inspired to found the Order of DeMolay during World War I.  Many young men lost their fathers in battle and were left adrift with no adult males to guide them on the path to adulthood.  As a community leader and a member of the Masonic lodge, he modeled the organization on the idea that his Masonic brethren should take an interest in the young men of the community with the purpose of acting as their friends, advisors, and employers.  He gathered a group of young men and suggested that they form a club.  During that meeting, he also related the story of Jacques DeMolay, who had been a member of the Knights Templar in the 13th century and had been martyred for refusing to betray his friends by disavowing a forged confession. T his standard of loyalty to friends appealed to the group, and they decided to name their club after DeMolay.  The group quickly grew to many chapters and was given official approval by the Masonic fraternity to be considered as an appendant body, with each DeMolay chapter being sponsored by a local Masonic lodge. Mr. Land's influence grew both within and without the Masonic fraternity, and he associated with politicians, celebrities, and prominent business men. He was an inspiration and an example to many generations of young men who were members of the Order of DeMolay. Some of DeMolay's notable alumni are Mel Blanc, Frank Borman, Walt Disney, Buddy Ebsen, Paul Harvey, Alex Spanos, John Steinbeck, and John Wayne.  The group is known today as DeMolay International and is one of several Masonic youth groups, which also include the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and the International Order of Job's Daughters.

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