Early German Hand-Made Stoneware Plate

GermanHandMadePlate1.jpg (36152 bytes)

This plate is one of the most awesome pieces of hand-made stoneware that this curator has ever seen.  The work and detail that went into making this plate is breathtaking.  Around the border is the symbolic "un-broken or Mystic chain".  To form the Mystic Chain is for the Brethren to make a circle, holding each other by the hands, as in surrounding a grave, etc. Each Brother crosses his arms in front of his body, so as to give his right hand to his left handed neighbor, and his left hand to his right handed neighbor.  The French call it Chaine d' Union.   It is a symbol of the close connection of all Freemasons in one common brotherhood.  This plate is signed by the maker on the back and is a huge 11 inches in diameter.




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