Grand Lodge of India "50th Anniversary" First Day Cover

First Day Cover – Grand Lodge of India – By India Post

Freemasonry society in India was established in 1729 at Kolkota. The apex body of Freemasonry is called “the Grand Lodge”.  After the independence of India, Lodges in India decided to constitute a sovereign body of Freemasonry and accordingly the Grand Lodge of India was consecrated on 24th November, 1961 at New Delhi. Some of the Prominent Freemasons of india Include Swami Vevekananda, C. Rajagopalachari and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

Date Of issue:- 25.11.2011.

Submitted by Brother Tofique Fatehi,  PM - Lodge Al-Ameen No. 1412 (GLoScot), located in Mumbai, INDIA





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