Early Gray's Liverpool Pitcher Reproduction

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In the early 1900's Gray's Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England started reproducing the earlier 1800's Sunderland Lustre Ware with a great deal of quality.  Without their mark shown above on the bottom of this pitcher, telling the difference between the two would be very difficult.  Now these reproductions have become valuable and highly collectible.  This pitcher is made in the shape of an early Liverpool design with the pink and gold fisheye glaze.  There are two black transfers on each side... the front with a poem that reads:   "Hail!  Masonry Divine!  Glory of Ages shine, Long Mayest thou Reign!  Where'er thy Lodges stand, May they have great command, and always grace the land, Thou Art divine!"  The opposite side has the Latin motto frequently used within the Fraternity "SIT LUX ET LUX FUIT" and also sometimes written, Lux fiat et Lux fit, signifying Let there be light, and there was light (Genesis i, 3); the strict translation from the Hebrew continues, "And the Lord took care of the light, that it was useful, and He divided the light from the darkness." 

A special "Thanks" to Brother Steve Kapp (kalbo on Ebay) for submitting the pictures of this wonderful Gray's Pitcher.  Steve is a Master Mason and a Masonic Collector who is affiliated with the below listed Masonic bodies:

Leonard Wood Lodge No. 105, Angeles City, Philippines
Cavite York Rite, Cavite, Philippines
Okinawa Scottish Rite, Okinawa, Japan  (Valley of Okinawa and Guam) Aloha Temple, Honolulu, Hawaii




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