"Washington As A Freemason"

Lithograph from 1867

This rare 1867 lithograph, titled "Washington As A Freemason" was done by Strobridge & Co Lithographers, Cincinnati, O.  In the upper left hand corner is a picture of Lafayette with the words above: "An Order Whose Leading Star is a Philanthropy" and the upper right has a picture of Andrew Jackson with the words above reading: "Past Grand Master of the Lodge of Tennessee".

The paper in George's hand reads "The Grand Object of Masonry is to Promote the Happiness to the Human Race - Washington".

Underneath George it reads: "Commander of the American Army, 1775. President of the United States 1789". Under that it reads: "Intitated November 4th 1752, in Fredericksburg Lodge No 4 Virginia, Passed March 3d 1753 Raised August 4th 1753".

The left column "Boaz" has words: Charity, Hope and Faith with Born Feb 22 A.D. 1732 at bottom.  Right column "Jachin" has Beauty, Strength and Wisdom with Died Dec 14 A.D. 1799 at bottom.

Lower left box has the quotation: "Awake not his Slumbers tread lightly around, Tis the Grave of Freeman, tis Liberty's mound. The Name is immortal, our freedom you won. Brave Sire of Columbia, our own Washington. Oh! wake not the Hero his Battles are over, Let him rest, calmly rest, on his dear native Shore, While the Stars & the Stripes of our Country shall wave O'er the Land that can boast of a Washington Grave."   The statement on the right reads: "Disturb not his Slumbers let Washington sleep Neath the Boughs of the Willow that over him weep, His Arm is unnerved, but his Deeds remain bright, As the Stars in the dark vaulted Heavan at Night. Oh! wake not the Hero, his Battles are over, Let him rest undisturbed on the Potomacs fair Shore, On the Rivers green Borders, so flowery drest, With the Hearts he loved fondly, let Washington rest."

The seven scenes depicted starting from the left top are a man sleeping next to a bag with a stairway to heaven behind him. Next is an Angel next to a women. Bottom left is a scene of a Masonic altar with three burning tapers (candles) around it.  Bottom center is a shovel, mallet and a casket.  Bottom right has the two columns of Boaz and Jachin with their celestial globes on top.  The "All-seeing Eye" is in the top center. There are four figures next to the base of the columns and the two on the left are Fortitude & Prudence and the two on right are Temperance & Justice.

Underneath casket, shovel and mallet is "Strobridge & Co. Lithographers, Cincinnati, O."   On the very bottom in fine print reads "Entered according to Act of Congress in the Year 1867 by Strobridge & Co in the Clerks Office of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Ohio".  The colors are wonderful in this Litho.




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