Hamilton Lodge No. 274 Mantel Clock

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This is a very nice and unusual Masonic Clock made for Hamilton Lodge #274 F. & A.M.  to commemorate their 50th Anniversary from 1853 to 1903. This Clock was made by "Edwin V. Snyder Co. of Philadelphia".  The clock is supported on two large pillars (Boaz and Jachin) with the spheres of Heaven and Earth  supporting the clock itself.   The sphere to the left is dated 1853 and the sphere to the right is dated 1903.  Both Pillars are heavily decorated with Egyptian style motifs including geometric designs, feathers and Pharaohs around all sides.   The Altar in the center of the clock base is also decorated with a double headed snake with Egyptian motif.   The Altar is surrounded by "The Three Lesser Lights" and a nicely detailed open Bible with the Square and Compasses lies on top of the Altar.   The face of clock reads as follows: "Hamilton Lodge No. 274 F. & A.M. Semi-Centennial ." The Clock has a second hand sweep and is hand wound at the rear. A great clock with an outstanding look.   It is made of a white metal with some of the original silver finish being tarnished and some loss of the finish altogether.   It is in fine working condition and keeps good time.  It measures 7 1/2 inches tall and is sitting on a base that measures 4 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches deep.




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