Henry "Hap" Arnold

Commanding General U.S.A.F.- FDC

Henry H. "Hap" Arnold (1886-1950)  Commanding General of the U. S. Air Force.  Born June 25, 1886 at Gladwyne, Pa.  Graduated from West Point in 1907 and a pioneer in military aviation, who in 1912 was awarded a trophy for "a 30-mile flight."  From a 2nd Lieutenant in 1907 he advanced to the highest American rank in 1944--that of a 5-star general.  He was flight commander of the U.S. Alaska Flight of 1934; assistant chief of Air Corps, 1936-38; chief of Army Air Corps, 1938; commanding Army Air Forces, 1942.  He was raised in Union Lodge No. 7, Junction City, Kansas on November 3, 1927, received the 32 A.A.S.R. on April 11, 1929 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and 33 on October 19, 1945.  He died January 15, 1950. 

On November 21, 1958 the Lodge at Edwards Air Force Base, California was constituted as General Henry H. Arnold Lodge No. 791.  One year later, "Hap Arnold Lodge #457" in Shreveport LA was organized at Barksdale Air Force Base in 1959 and chartered Feb 8th, 1960.  Below are a couple of pictures from their Feb 8th consecration ceremony. 

Above:  The newly installed Worshipful Master and Junior Warden consecrate the Three Great Lights sitting upon the altar using corn, wine and oil.

Below:  At the beginning of every great or important undertaking, Freemasons kneel for the benefit of prayer.




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