Irish Past Master Jewels dated 1762 and 1765


Pictured above is a wonderfully hand engraved Irish Past Master jewel. It is dated
5765 (in the coffin), Lodge No 6, Dublin, the second oldest known according
to the Royal Irish Masonic Museum. They presume the RG refers to the master;
unfortunately the rolls for that year are badly fire damaged and an identity
can not be confirmed.

A special "Thanks" to Wm Erik Voss who sent us the pictures and description of this beautiful jewel from his private collection.   Even though he is not a Freemason, he has an interest in its history and arcana from his grandfather, who was a founding member and Master of Laurel Lodge 1057, Chicago in 1918.


This Masonic Jewel is dated 5762 in Masonic years or 1762 A.D.  It belonged to John Suffren, my great(X6) grandfather who was a founder member of Bellaghey Lodge 650 Irish Constitution, Co Londonderry.  He emigrated to St Johns, New Brunswick and then to Australia around 1820.

Another special "Thank You" to Worshipful Brother Noel Suffren for submitting the pictures and history of this beautiful handmade jewel.  Brother Suffren hails from Lodge 703, Irish Constitution.




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