1960 Hadley Stoneware Dish

 from Kosair Temple

KosairHadley1.jpg (25581 bytes)     KosairHadley2.jpg (16722 bytes)

Here is a dish that you'll never see another one of!  As the story goes... Kosair Temple was looking to make a commemorative for the 1960 Imperial Session in Denver Colorado... They requested ideas from several vendors, the above Hadley piece was one of them.  The Temple decided to go with a pair of fingernail clippers in a leather case so the Hadley piece seen above is the only known one in existence, which makes it a one-of-a-kind.  Being a glass collector myself, and had I been sitting in on that discussion of what to pick as a commemorative, the Hadley piece would have gotten my vote over fingernail clippers any day!

It's a great story and we'd like to "Thank" again Mrs. Joy Cook of St. Petersburg, Florida who was a secretary for 25 years to the Recorder of Kosair Shrine Temple for donating this Hadley piece and a pair of the infamous fingernail clippers to our museum.




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