1904 29th Triennial Portrait Plate

"Early Gibson Girl Style"

KT1904GibsonGirlPlate1.jpg (39096 bytes)     KT1904GibsonGirlPlate2.jpg (24146 bytes)

KT1904GibsonGirlPlate3.jpg (22832 bytes)

This is a wonderful souvenir plate which pictures a breathtaking image of a woman on the front.. in the Gibson Girl style. The outer border of the plate is done in a purple/green luster finish. This only adds extra beauty to the plate.  On the back the inscription reads: 1904 PITTSBURGH COMMANDERY NO. 1..29TH. ....K.T. ...TRIENNIAL... SAN FRANCISCO...CAL. It was produced by KNOWLES TAYLOR EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO, U.S.A. This wonderful piece measures 8" in diameter.




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