Knights Templar Mug

Northwood glass Marigold pattern

Here is a fairly tough to find Knights Templar mug. Northwood glass Marigold pattern. This mug, with the Knights Templar mug is very rare. They made the same mug without the KT logo which is somewhat easier to find (and less expensive.)  3 high and 3 3/8 in diameter. On bottom of glass is Pittsburgh, May 27, 28, 29 1912 and 35 (on shield). Also, Allegheny Commandery KT on cross are the letters (top) A, (left)- L, (right)- A, and (bottom)-C. This mug is orange color. Have seen these in several other colors as well.

Sorry for the photos. Nearly impossible to get a good shot of the bottom of the glass.

A special "Thank You" to Brother Fred Lowstetter for submitting the pictures and description of this beautiful glass to our museum.





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