1922 Alabama Grand Commandery

Knight Templar Plate

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This antique porcelain plate commemorates the 35th Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1922. This conclave was for the Grand Commandery of Alabama. This Christian oriented fraternal organization was originally founded in the 11th century by the laymen who defended the Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. Today, this organization supports Masonic-related activities, charities, and events to help raise money for educational and medical advancements. The emblem in the center has the images of a knight, sword, and a cross with the Latin words “In Hoc Signo Vinces” which means, "By this sign we shall conquer." The back of this 8 inch plate has the manufacturer’s stamp which reads “National China Salineville, O.”. This antique commemorative plate is in very good condition without any chips, flakes, cracks, stains, crazing, flaws or repairs.

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