Sterling Silver Punch Bowl and Cups

The above postcard pictures a sterling silver punch bowl and cups that the Drill Corps of Colorado Commandery No. 1 won at the Triennial Conclave at Louisville, Kentucky in August of 1901.  Colorado Commandery in turn put up the same silver punch bowl and cups as its First Place Prize when they hosted the Triennial Conclave at Denver in  1913.  The punch bowl then changed hands at this conclave and was won by Raper Commandery of Indianapolis.

Raper Commandery of Indianapolis has ever been the outstanding member of the Grand Commandery of Indiana. Raper Drill Corps, under Sir Knight Nicholas R. Ruckle, since June 1875, became known throughout the land and its Asylum began to accumulate the magnificent trophies won in competitive drills at the triennials of Grand Encampment. A Libation service was awarded at Cleveland in 1877; a costly jeweled sword and banner at Chicago in 1880; a mounted knight in bronze at San Francisco in 1883; a bronze lectern at Denver in 1892; a clock at Saratoga in 1907; silver punch bowl and cups at Denver in 1913 ; watches at New Orleans in 1922; and a knight in armour at Seattle in 1925; and minor awards.

A special "Thank You" to Judith Redfield, the author of "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers" for submitting the above postcard to our museum.




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