KYCH Jewel - Knight York Cross of Honor

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KYCH, KNIGHT YORK CROSS OF HONOR...  Elected by ballot after nomination from other holders of the KYCH at one of the regular meetings. To be qualified you have to have been installed as and some say: "served as... not just installed" as a:

1. Worshipful Master of a Masonic Blue Lodge.

2. Excellent High priest of a Royal Arch Chapter

3. Illustrious Master of a Council of Royal and Select Master or Council of Cryptic Masons

4. Eminent Commander of a Commandery of Knights Templar.

Add up the number of required years to be the head of each of the above four bodies and that is how long it would take to have the KYCH, if you were ever elected to receive it.

The crown is for dedicating your life to the service God and Man as any true leader or (KING) would under the eye of GOD. The four emblems representing the four Masonic bodies which compose the York Rite of Freemasonry. The Masonic Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter, Council of Royal and Select Masters, and Knights Templar. The letters KYCH stand for Knight York Cross of Honor.  The four color four ribbon cord representing the colors of the four orders are symbolic of:

Blue: Masonic Lodge

Red: Royal Arch Chapter

Purple: Cryptic Masons

White: Knights Templars

The rays representing the ever giving flow of light and knowledge by service to the orders and mankind. The quadrant with the appropriate color for the body served.

The jewel (on the left above) with the Quadrant under it is for a KYCH member who has also been a Grand Illustrious Master of a Council... this one is for Kansas.  You can have all four Quadrants and be what is called a Four Star General. There is only one Four Star General in the state of Kansas. The Quadrant colors are Blue, Red, Purple and Black. 

A special "Thanks" to Brother Jerry Stotler (jstot on eBay) for submitting the pictures and description of the above KYCH Jewels and Ring.




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