Early Masonic Working Tools Frame

with "Light of Masonry" Membership Certificate

LightofMasonryFrame1.jpg (34882 bytes)

LightofMasonryFrame2.jpg (33263 bytes)

LightofMasonryFrame5.jpg (63930 bytes)

LightofMasonryFrame3.jpg (50121 bytes)

LightofMasonryFrame4.jpg (49608 bytes)

This beautiful Masonic frame pictures the working tools of the various Degrees around the border and the Membership Certificate itself is special too!  It pictures various emblems and scenes of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason Degrees with the "All-Seeing Eye" and King Solomon's Temple at the top, Brother George Washington and three altar scenes in the middle and scenes of workmen from the Temple at the bottom.  It was copyrighted by the M.C. Lilley & Co. of Columbus, Ohio who produced it.




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