Early Masonic Liverpool Creamer Pitcher

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This very early creamer pitcher made in Liverpool England shortly after the American Revolution. It has a great black transfer of a seated George Washington on the front amid a cluster of Masonic emblems and scrolled underneath are the latin words, "SIT LUX ET LUX FUIT" and also sometimes written, Lux fiat et Lux fit, signifying Let there be light, and there was light (Genesis i, 3); the strict translation from the Hebrew continues, "And the Lord took care of the light, that it was useful, and He divided the light from the darkness.". The back has an equally interesting transfer with the All-Seeing Eye, The G in a  five-pointed Star as well as the verse, "Hail!  MASONRY Divine! Glory of ages shine, Long mayest thou reign! whereer thy LODGES stand, May they have great command, And always grace the land, Thou art divine!" The pitcher has yellowed somewhat over the centuries, has some crazing in the glaze but is very beautiful. It stands 4 inches tall and about the same size in width.




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