Miniature Masonic Lodge Room Diorama

This is a stunning lodge room diorama.  Everything is hand made, including the clothes & regalia on the Brethren.  The word diorama /ˌdəˈrɑːmə/ can either refer to a 19th-century mobile theatre device, or, in modern usage, a three-dimensional full-size or miniature model, sometimes enclosed in a glass showcase for a museum. Dioramas are often built by hobbyists as part of related hobbies such as military vehicle modeling, miniature figure modeling, or aircraft modeling. There is too much detail to list, suffice to say that every time that I look at a photo, I notice something that I had not noticed before.  A diorama like this could have been built to teach floor work.  Few survive the test of time which makes this piece quite unique.   It measures approx 110cm Wide x 60.5cm Deep x 32.5cm High.   The weight is approx. 15kg.

A special "Thank You" to Bro. Dean Middleton of Middleton Masonics for sharing the pictures and description of this beautiful Masonic artifact!

This diorama is currently for sale. 

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Middleton Masonic Ltd, Dean Middleton, Avenue Farm Cottage, The Avenue, HERRIARD, Hampshire, RG25 2PP, United Kingdom, Phone: 01256384141, E-mail:





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