Masonic String-holder

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Here's an unusual item that is probably one-of-a-kind!  Its a ceramic stringholder picturing a hand-painted Square and Compasses with the Letter "G" on the front.  You put your ball of string inside the holder so that when you pull on the string the ball doesn't roll around the room!  There are many one-of-a-kind folk art items like this that Masons make in their garages and workshops.

A special "Thanks" to Brother Steve Kapp (kalbo on Ebay) for submitting the pictures of this wonderful stringholder.  Steve is a Master Mason and a Masonic Collector who is affiliated with the below listed Masonic bodies:

Leonard Wood Lodge No. 105, Angeles City, Philippines
Cavite York Rite, Cavite, Philippines
Okinawa Scottish Rite, Okinawa, Japan  (Valley of Okinawa and Guam) Aloha Temple, Honolulu, Hawaii




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