Northern Lodge 50th Anniversary

 Flow Blue Plate

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This wonderful flow blue Masonic plate was produced by Northern Lodge No. 25 of Newark, New Jersey to commemorate their 50th Anniversary.  It is one of the most beautiful of Masonic plates and bears many of the symbols of Freemasonry.  In the center it features the three pillars Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty surmounted by the "All-Seeing Eye."  Also shown are the Sun, Moon, Hourglass, Working Tools, and Five-pointed Star.  It is all encircled by a beautiful Tessellated Border.  The reverse lists the Officers of the Lodge for their anniversary year 1903.   It measures 9 7/8 inches in diameter and it has sold on popular online auctions for $150+ depending on its condition.  It takes a lot of work and planning to execute a keepsake such as this.




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