Eighteenth Century Past Master & Secretary Jewels

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Pictured above are a pair of 18th Century Jewels that were purchased at a quiet country auction a few years ago. They are both in excellent condition the larger one dates to 1784/5 London Hallmark and the smaller one dates to 1798 London Hallmark. The smaller bears the inscription LODGE OF FRIENDSHIP NO.158 JAMES HOWLETT.  The owner thinks this was a lodge from Great Yarmouth Norfolk England and they most-likely belonged to the same man.  The larger jewel reflects service to the Lodge as its Worshipful Master.  It is assumed that the smaller jewel was presented to Brother Howlett for serving as Secretary of his Lodge.  The larger jewel is 60mm diameter and the smaller 50mm.

A special "Thanks" to Philip Sneddon for submitting the pictures of these beautiful jewels!




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