Civil War / Victorian Era 

Past Master Hat Pins

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This early Past Masters Hat Pin is hand-crafted from a single piece of Trade Silver.  It bears the Quadrant or Rocker Arm on the Square and Compasses which is the symbol of a Past Worshipful Master. The sun and moon are also present.  This piece was worn on a hat band... the band was pushed through from the back and as it was tightened down the pin would catch.  This was all hand cut and filed down to take off all the rough edges, even on the back.  The top of the back also looks like a beehive.  What's so amazing about the craftsmanship is that this pin only measures 1 1/4 inches square.  We believe that these pieces were made by the Indians in Upper New York State as we found a catalog that pictures the above piece in it!


Below is another fine example of hand-crafted Past Master Pins

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