Brother Robert E. Peary

Artic Explorer - FDC

Brother Robert Edwin Peary was the Artic Explorer who discovered the North Pole.  He was a member of Kane Lodge No. 454 F. & A.M. of New York.  This FDC was sponsored by the Masonic Stamp Club of New York and was cancelled on April 6th, 1959 in Cresson, Pa. It is listed in the Scott catalog as number 1128 and 397,770 were made.

From 10,000 Famous Freemasons

Robert E. Peary (1856-1920) Discoverer of the North Pole. b. May 6, 1856 in Cresson, Pa. Graduate of Bowdoin Coll. in 1877 and 1894. He entered the U.S. Navy as a civil engineer in 1881. From 1887-88 he was engineer in charge of the Nicaragua Canal surveys, and invented the rolling lock gates for the canal. He started his Artie explorations with a voyage to the interior of Greenland in 1886. In 1891-92 he made a voyage to northern Greenland; in 1893-95, a third voyage, which was intended toreach the North Pole, failed in its objective. In 1897 he was granted five years' leave of absence from the Navy and was presented with a ship, the Windward, by Lord Northcliffe, which had been used by a British expedition. On his fourth voyage of 1898-1902, he reached 84 17' N., the farthest north in the American Arctic. Granted another three years' leave in 1903, he sailed in the specially equipped Roosevelt in 1905-1906, and reached within 174 miles of the pole before being forced back. His final and successful expedition in 1908-09 reached the pole on April 6, 1909. When announcing the success of the expedition, he learned that Dr. Frederick A. Cook, who had been a surgeon on the 1891 expedition, had claimed he reached the pole on April 21, 1908a year before Peary. Cook's claim and Cook himself, were later discredited, and Peary's attainment recognized. A member of the explorers' lodge, Kane No. 454 of N.Y.C., he received his degrees, Feb. 4, 18, and March 3, 1896. To this lodge he presented the Masonic flag that was displayed at Independence Bay, Greenland, on May 20 and 25, 1895. On March 30, 1920 this lodge presented his widow with a special medal in honor of her distinguished husband. Peary also presented two specimens of the great meteorite weighing 90 tons, which he discovered in North Greenland, to the Grand Lodge of New York. d. Feb. 20, 1920.




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