The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, PA

The Masonic Temple at One North Broad Street, built 1868-1873, designed by Brother James H. Windrim, is a National Historic Landmark.  It attracts thousands of visitors each year who marvel at one of the architectural wonders of the Masonic world.  It serves as the home for the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and houses their museum and library.

Night-time lends splendor to Grand Entrance gate, with its magnificent Norman porch.  The porch is considered a most outstanding example of Norman architecture in America.

This is the Grand Staircase leading to the Lodge rooms on the second and third floors. Beneath the staircase is the Seal of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and a plaque encircled with representations of the four cardinal virtues.

This Lodge room is called Ionic Hall.  There are seven Lodge rooms in this Temple and each one represents a different order of architecture.

This is Egyptian Hall and is ornamented in the style of ancient monuments in the Nile Valley.  Egyptologists have confirmed that the hieroglyphic texts are copies of actual ancient Egyptian inscriptions.

This is Renaissance Hall and is dedicated to Capitular Masonry.  Decorated in the Italian Renaissance style, the Hall is symbolically colored in brilliant scarlet.  The Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania and subordinate Chapters meet in this Hall.

Rhenish Romanesque features are elaborately represented in this Lodge room called Norman Hall.  The term "Norman" applies to the round-arch architecture as found in this Hall.

One of the jewels in this Masonic Temple is this Lodge room called Gothic Hall.  It is known as the Asylum of Knights Templar.  The groins, pointed arches and pinnacles, all Gothic features are predominate.  Richly styled furniture is all hand carved.

This is the Grand Banquet Hall.  It will seat up to 400 persons,  Decorations in this majestic room are of the Composite order of architecture.





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