A Beautiful Pierced Cube fob


This rare solid 9ct gold pierced Masonic cube fob was made in Birmingham England 1920.

The Maker is a William Adams, Ltd. who was quite a prolific manufacturer of Masonic fobs of that period.

This fob is one of his more unusual items and a design and style previously unknown to exist.

His more common examples being pierced disk fobs or fan like Triyptych fobs.

The cube format in this example is possibly to represent a Masonic perfect ashlar.

The symbols on the exterior are of various Lodge symbols.

To the sides you have the Square and Compass, Trowel, Setting Maul, and Wardens Level.

The base has the 5 pointed star.

On this variant similar to the other in our museum archive the top maul has been replaced by a hanging loop and then by a globe internally.

All the symbols have been hand pierced engraved to a lovely standard.

It is approximately 18mm or of an inch cubed.

"Thank You" to Wor. Bro. Paul McEvoy of Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478, England which meets in Bolton in Lancashire UK  www.gmlodge3478.co.uk 

Wor. Bro. Paul also does a bit of trading on eBay under the name paulmcevoy1 

We Thank him for sharing this beautiful FOB from his private collection with our museum!





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